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meg-next-to-bike-and-nordic-cabI have worked for the Campfire Cycling for almost 2 years now. Bringing biking accessories and expertise to the web with our online stores Bike Trailer Shop, Bike Bag Shop, and our newest addition, Bike Kid Shop, I love being a part of something I believe in: an active, knowledgeable biking community. I signed on for the job in 2008 as an avid bike enthusiast. Commuting 4 years (year round) in the unpredictable Flagstaff weather gave me an appreciation for the details associated with biking in a busy town, not to mention a keen intellect on weather patterns. The Campfire Cycling encourages biking on many levels. I am able to get the Commuter Benefit for biking to work along with access to TONS of cool bike gear. What more could a biker girl want?

Well, in 2009 I started growing rapidly. Unable to mount my bike after Interbike 2009, I had no choice but to take a leave of absence starting November 14. I was able to return to work in January with a laptop in one hand, and 2 month old Neva Jeanne in the other (so to speak). With the encouragement of my boss, and the support of my coworkers, I was able to return to work as a biker, and as a mom.

I have a Nordic Cab trailer which I have been able to use for strolling downtown, and jogging on local trails. With her being quite young, and the icy weather conditions, I was nervous to take her on her first bike ride. At 5 months of age, and beginning to crawl, I decided to take the plunge one beautiful, sunny morning before work. I took the safest route between neighborhoods and the Route 66 bike path, and made it to work with my heart pounding, and Neva soundly asleep in her fleece lined sleeping bag and winter hat.neva-in-nordic-cab-bear-outfit

Riding with a child can be nerve-racking when dealing with traffic, but multiple features really put me at ease when traveling with her. I like having a bright colored trailer and flag which is easily visible. Safety colors like red, orange and yellow really make you stand out well. I prefer trailers which utilize suspension because it makes the ride smoother for her, and I can ride off-road trails knowing there is a dampening effect when traveling over the dirt and gravel. I think my favorite set up is using the plush Croozer Seat Supporter which supports your baby’s neck, in conjunction with the Nordic Cab sleeping Bag. Not only is she comfortably reclined, but her head is supported, and she is cozy in the cold weather conditions. Mom might suffer, but she’s warm and out like a light pretty quickly!

Summertime has another set of features to think about, like venting, and air flow. Front to back airflow is great, but adding lateral airflow is superb, and makes a big difference when the temperatures exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. An adjustable sunshade is also helpful at any time of day. When I bike to work at 8am, the sun shade comes all the way down, and her side windows are covered so she doesn’t get sun in her eyes. At noon, I can retract the sunshade so she can have a full view of the scenery. megan-showing-nordic-cab-spaceThe large cargo space is also a plus for picking up groceries after work, or when it’s Pastry Friday at the Campfire Cycling, and everyone wants a pristine pastry with their coffee.

I feel secure in the safety of my trailer, of my route, and of my skill. Trailers do add another element to biking, and experience with them needs to be taken into consideration before riding with a child. I even had to switch from my road bike to my touring bike because the gearing on my roadie was too difficult to pull 5o pounds of trailer, child and work gear around the hilly terrain of Flagstaff! I love biking Neva to work now. She seems very happy and ready for work after a 30 minute ride, and a short nap. Thank you Campfire Cycling for taking Neva and I into your workplace. Bike Kid Shop makes it easy for me to be a biking, working, super mom. Ride on!neva and keyboard

Here is Neva hard at work writing about our current Chariot Carriers and Croozer Trailers sale. Neva says “Chariot and Croozer are on sale thru May 11th at 10%0ff. Checkout the Chariot Cougar, Chariot Cheetah and Croozer 535. Ok that’s enough, I’m taking a nap!”

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