Thoughts of a Podcast

With the talk of iPad, iPhone, iPod and my new Droid, it seems that mobile life is getting even more, well, mobile.   Often I am able to talk or interview leading commuters, brand managers or public officials in regards to commuting or bike utility.   I feel that sometimes the passion or thoughts are lost in words.   It is also the reason I hate texting, but that is a separate subject.

As always, before I invest too much time trying something new for the site or network, I would like to hear from you guys.   Do you listen to podcast.   Are they worth the effort for you guys..   If you say yes, which podcast do you listen to now and what do you like/dislike?

Now, take the time to go visit the podcast that I started earlier this year – Bike Shop Girl’s Podcast.   It is a more women centric podcast to coincide with

Sound off!

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