Bike Messenger Bag Merry-Go-Round

timbuk2-rotating-bike-bag-display-interbike09-cropDigging through my 2009 Interbike photos, I uncovered this pic from the Timbuk2 booth. They set up a really cool contraption for displaying their messenger bags. The guy in the back of the photo is turning the cranks on the machine to make all of the bike bags slowly rotate.

We don’t currently offer Timbuk2, but are definitely considering adding them to our lineup at Bike Bag Shop. In growing our product line at Bike Bag Shop, our initial goal was to put together a great selection of bike touring panniers and bike commuting panniers. We’ve gotten quite a bit of this accomplished as we are now offering nearly the full line of bicycling products for both Ortlieb and Vaude. We still have more bike touring and commuting bags that we are interested, but we do now have a solid and thorough selection.

With bike panniers well represented, we are beginning to look into expanding into bike messenger bags. Currently we have the full lineup of Ortlieb’s Messenger Bags and related accessories. These messenger bags are designed with the pro messenger in mind with a wide range of holsters and organizers to get them setup for full-time use.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts, suggestions or experiences with different styles and brands of bike messenger bags.

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