Basic Ways to Stay Dry this Winter & Spring

Rear Velo Orange Fender

The snow is melting outside which will leave me for a wet commute to work into the morning.. Here are the basic ways I keep dry during the rainy season.

  • Fenders – Full coverage fenders are best but even a race style fender that clips on and off quickly will keep the mud off your back and a good amount of water out of your shoes.
  • Plastic garbage or freezer bags – I’ll reuse either a plastic grocery bag or a gallon freezer Ziplock bag over my socks, prior to putting my feet into my shoes.. Make sure the bags are tall enough to be pulled up under your pants.. If wearing spandex with knee warmers I’ll put another pair of tall wool socks over the plastic bags, this is mainly to keep the plastic out of my chain and chainrings.. *This helps cut down on the cold from wind as well
  • Wool – It keeps you warm even if it gets wet and doesn’t soak up the water as much as cotton.
  • Messenger Bag or Backpack – As long as you don’t overheat with the bag on your back, it normally will keep some rain off your back if its a short distance.
  • Huge Garbage Bags – A couple times I’ve ridden to work with no need or thought of rain over clothes and had to ride home with two huge garbage bags on my body.. One of them for the top with holes for my arms, and one on the bottom with two holes for legs.. Properly duck taped together of course!

What are some basic ways you keep dry?

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