Top Commuter Bike Resources and Reviews

Bike commuting is all over the news and maybe your work place has signed on for the commuter tax benefits.. We want to help you get on that bike and out using this amazing piece of transportation.. The more cyclist that are out on the road, the more we will be taken seriously and moving the movement from cars to bicycles.

The Most Recent Bike Reviews

Batavus BUB – Dutch and easy to ride $$

SE Lager – Basic and simple way to get into commuter $

Civia Loring – Stylish and functional $$$$

Cargo Bikes Can Haul

Replace your SUV with a SUB (sports utility bicycle) such as an Xtracycle style bike.

We’ve taught you how to build your Xtracycle from scratch

Reviewed the Surly Big Dummy bicycle built around the Xtracycle platform

A. In-dept. Look. at Various Heavy Duty Utility Bikes

How to Carry Things

Messenger Bags – Examples . Knog Franks Dog, and Crumpler Part & Parcel

Backpacks – Examples : Banjo Brothers, and Seal Line

Panniers -Examples : Basil Bags and Deuter Rack Pack

Carrying your Laptop : 101

Top Ten Commuting 101 Articles

  1. A Guide to a Simple Bike Commute
  2. The Slacker’s Guide to Bike Commuting
  3. How to React to Aggressive or Angry Drivers
  4. How to Find the Perfect Route Using Google Maps
  5. Top 5 Reasons to Claim the Lane (and why it’s safer)
  6. Top Five Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat
  7. How to get Cleaned up at Work
  8. Learn Your Local “Village”
  9. Learn Your Bicycle’s Anatomy
  10. Essential Tips for New Riders
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