Ride for Haiti

Talk about cycling for a cause! In light of the recent earthquake on January 12 in Haiti, young Charlie Simpson, a 7-year old boy from the UK, was inspired to organize a charity bike ride, with help from his parents, in benefit of UNICEF’s work in Haiti. Originally hoping to raise 500, Charlie’s efforts have raised 169,534.97, which is many times more than his goal! What’s even more incredible is that he broke the 60,000 mark in one day. Additionally, his story has spread around the globe, with donations coming from as far away as New Zealand and China. (Header photo credit: Telegraph.co.uk).

Charlie’s connection and empathy for the children in Haiti is incredibly touching. According to Charlie’s parents, he was incredibly upset by the images and news of the Haiti earthquake, and he wanted to do something to help the children there who were affected by the earthquake. The idea to raise the money and the medium with which to do so – the bicycle ride – was Charlie’s idea entirely, and he has received a great deal of support from his family and peers, as well. You can watch an interview with him and his parents at Sky News.

Charlie rode a total of 5 miles or 8 kilometers during the actual event, which was last weekend in a local park in London. Charlie has received a great deal of praise throughout the UK and beyond, from the likes of Gordon Brown, Simon Crowell, and others. Even more importantly, however, is the fact that the fundraising has not stopped!

To read more about Charlie or to make an donation, please visit his page at Just Giving.

Or you can organize your own bike ride in support of Haiti, as the University of Arizona Cycling Club is doing this weekend in Tucson! If you are in or around Tucson, Arizona, please join us!


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