Best Ride of Janurary

Jan rideThis January has been a tough one to get out on good rides, I mean it is January after all. Yes those of us that are lucky enough to live in Flagstaff Arizona are spoiled, in the summer we get to ride some of the best alpine single track in the world and in the winter we have to drive to Sedona to ride red slick rock and twisty trails lined with juniper, rough I know.

It had been a while since I had been turned onto something new in Sedona, almost a year since I road some less then known stuff on the North West side of town. This year the whispers were already spreading about a new section of trail to the South West of town, which is as much location detail as I’m going to go into, not that I think its cool to be all secret and covert about trails, but more to respect those that do feel that way and played a hand in making said trail.

It was a typical beautiful winter day in Sedona, sunny and 60, my best mate and I, John the “Leg” Benson headed down for a needed bro ride. We parked at New Front-tires aka New Racketeers, aka New Frontiers as we always do and started our shred. We road up and over Airport Mesa and headed down to Broken Arrow around to Chicken Point. We took a moment to stare at the pink jeeps and tourists and then headed down under the hwy. For the sake of respect I’m going to end the directional portion.

As we climbed up this new trail the views were amazing, there was certainly some exposure but nothing life threatening unless you really wanted it. We hugged the bottom of a cliff and made our way across a ridge with a great slick rock descent. I’m being vague on purpose.

Ultimately we popped out at Red Rock Crossing, and headed back up to the car via Carroll Canyon. The Conditions were perfect, slightly tacky and moist, a little tricky on slick rock but the pay off on the single track was worth it. It was a great day, about 3 hrs of riding finished with a visit to the Wild Flower Bread Company. If you have never ridden in Sedona, you should slap your-self, it offers some trails and views that will take your breath away.

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