A Quick Nod to Our Sponsors : Zigo

Commute By Bike is run mainly on coffee, early morning rides and a need to get more people on bikes.   Thankfully through the years I have been lucky with my commuting experiences as well as developing strong relationships with strong manufactures, shops or distributors that make up the bicycle industry.

I wanted to quickly nod a thank you to the folks that help sponsor this site, keep the lights on and help pay for the coffee runs.   As with my strong opinions, ever sponsor that you’ll find on this site is someone I believe in.   Either what they are doing, making or support.


This company has developed a bicycle, stroller and bike trailer all in one.   They can work independently of each other, or all together to make it a great child carrying answer.   I really like the idea of the child in front, much like a dutch style cargo bike.   Many parents fear their child behind them while riding, this way they can keep their eyes on the road but see what the child is doing as well.   The fact they work independently too will help your wallet.

The bike they use at this time is very basic, but also basic enough for the person going down to the park, or dropping their kids at school.


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