A Group Build of Building Your Perfect Commuter Bike

Over the next couple weeks you the readers and I will be walking each other through the process of building up a commuter bicycle. This isn’t only going to be a how to, but also going to go through the questions you need to ask yourself as you are building or picking out a bike for daily use. From the position you want to be in, if you want to carry things to the look and feel of the bike. Along the way I’ll keep some boundaries, mainly to keep this affordable out of my pocket, but keep an open mind as well.

Now go test ride, ask yourself what you want out of a commuter bike and come back tomorrow to read our introduction on who the rider will be (me!)

Phase 1 : Bicycle Type
Phase 2 : Which bicycle frame/fork
Phase 3 : What type of shifting
Phase 4 : What type of components
Phase 5 : What type of lights
Phase 6 : Fenders or no fenders
Phase 7 : How to carry your belongings
Phase 8 : Putting it all together.

Also, read all post using this link to our tag system for the Group Build.

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