The Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer has arrived!

Wandertec and the are proud to introduce a new trailer for 2010, the Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer. The BONGO is our answer to the call for the ultimate utility bicycle trailer. Here at Wandertec we see many different types of bicycle trailers and receive a lot of feedback from customers. We felt there was a need in the bicycle trailer market that wasnt being satisfied, so we threw some ideas in the oven and the BONGO is what popped out, in two sizes!

With eco-friendly mindsets spreading and the ever-rising price of gas, more and more people are turning to bicycles as their mode of transportation. But its hard to make grocery runs, gets parts from the hardware store, transport plants from the nursery, or tour around the world with simply a bike. This is where the BONGO comes in to save the day.

The BONGO has its roots in years of Wandertec accessories development. Starting with the CELLO, our original trailer/travel container made for BOB trailers and the SAX, an interior lining for BOB trailers, the Wandertec Cargo Net and the Wandertec mLite a powerful compact light for attaching to bicycle flags in commuting and touring. Now we are taking our knowledge of trailers and touring and producing the Wandertec Bongo. The Bongo is made right here in-house in Flagstaff, Arizona. For 2010 we have released the basic version of the BONGO. We already have upgrades and additional accessories in the works, designed for use specifically with the BONGO, such as sectional dividers, bike and canoe mounts and new custom load beds.

The BONGO was designed with a carry anything philosophy. The thick load bed can accommodate the daily grocery run, commercial deliveries or extended touring. The universal hitch system mounts to any bike with a quick release or nutted axle. Both the small and large BONGOs are equipped with Wandertec’s custom strap system. Using a six point, fully adjustable buckled, strapping system, any type of cargo can be firmly secured to the load bed, or fit a bag or box to suit your purpose. The straps can also be completely removed if needed. Many commercially available bags and boxes will bolt or strap onto the trailer, such as the Rubbermaid 24 gal Action Packer storage box.

We are particularly proud of our hitch arm mounting system. Using locking compression bolts the BONGO hitch arm is one of the most secure and strongest hitch arm attachments on the market. No loud banging or unwanted movement with the BONGO hitch arm, its stays where you put it. The hitch arm is completely adjustable enabling precise leveling and positioning of the trailer in relation to your bike. The hitch can also be rotated upwards and the BONGO can double as a pushcart when dismounted from a bike. The BONGO trailer utilizes a simple design made from very high quality components. It is a durable, simple bicycle trailer that is field repairable. No component is rare or irreplaceable when riding off the beaten track. The BONGO bicycle trailer packs away very neatly in seconds. Remove the front tow bar by pulling out the locking pin. Push the center of the hubs to remove the wheels.
When you need an answer to your bike cargo needs, look no further, the Wandertec BONGO has arrived and is ready to do some serious hauln.

*We will be running a special sale in celebration of the BONGO release, $30.00 off the price of a small or large Bongo for the first two weeks of the listing.*

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