Tip: Check the forecast

This morning I recorded another episode of The Spokesmen cycling podcast with David Bernstein, Tim Jackson, Carlton Reid and Rich Kelly. We always end the podcat with a tip. My tip: Check the weather forecast.

If you spend time outdoors this seems like an obvious tip, but a weather front can come in during the work day and change conditions pretty quickly. Several times I’ve seen cyclists on a pleasant morning who are completely unprepared for the rainy weather that will arrive in the afternoon.

I’m guilty of this myself — living in California, it’s easy to get lulled into complacency since the weather is so consistently nice most of the time.

When you drive, it’s usually not too big of a deal — you turn the dial from A/C to Heat on the dashboard and you’re good to go. When you bike, however, you’re exposed to the elements, and lack of preperation can make your ride miserable.

How about you? Have you been surprised by sudden downpours, blizzards, or wind storms?

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