2009 Advocacy Award Winners from Alliance for Biking & Walking

Washington D.C –

Earlier tonight 6 organiziations and individuals were awarded a 2009 Advocacy Award from the Alliance for Biking & Walking (formerly The Thunderhead Alliance.) Below is the press released emailed to us tonight.

Washington Area Bicyclist Association(WABA), is being honored with the 2009 Advocacy Organization of the Year Award for its progress advancing cycling in the DC area. Some of WABA’s most successful efforts included the debut of DC Smart Bikes (first bike sharing system of its kind in the U.S.), 7,000 participants in its Bike To Work Day, organizing thousands more with “America Bikes to the Inauguration,” and reaching 10,650 students through their Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education program.

Lloyd J. “Bud” Vye, Vice President of the Virginia Bicycling Federation and Advocacy Chair for the Richmond Area Bicycling Association, is being honored with the 2009 Advocate of the Year Award. Lloyd is a true role model to other advocates demonstrating a tireless commitment to biking and walking advocacy. Bud recently led successful efforts to ba. text messagin. while drivin. in Virginia and to install bik. racks on all local buses. Bud has also advocated for pro-bike legislation including overturning laws requiring bicyclists to ride on a sidepath, where there was one, and requiring lights while riding after dark.

Planet Bike is being honored with the 2009 Business Advocate of the Year Award for its commitment to biking advocacy. Planet Bike has proven its dedication by committing time, money, and energy to biking and walking issues. Planet Bike gives 25% of its profits to bicycle advocacy and so far has given $660,000 to various biking organizations.

Transportation Alternatives is being honored with the 2009 Innovation Award for their Youth For Car Free Parks project in Brooklyn, New York. This campaign not only promoted bicycling and walking in Prospect Park, but also found a creative and innovative way to directly involve community youth by choosing four Brooklyn high school students to lead the effort through a competitive internship.

Bicycle Colorado is being honored with the 2009 Best Practice Award for its outstanding results in day-to-day operations and program growth. After surpassing their goal to double their staff and budget, they secured funding to promote biking on Colorado’s 25 scenic byways, created a Bicycle Education Fund, and now have the largest membership base of a state-wide bicycle advocacy organization in the U.S.

Livable City is being honored with the 2009 Winning Campaign Award for its work on the campaign to bring Sunday Streets to San Francisco. Livable City worked to help convince Mayor Newson to champion the two pilot events which each drew roughly 10,000 residents to the 8-mile car-free route.

Randy Neufeld, Chief Strategy Officer of the Active Transportation Alliance, President of America Bikes, and the founding chair of the Alliance for Biking and Walking, is being honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. His leadership has taken the Active Transportation Alliance from its roots as a small group of volunteers to its present state of organizational strength: a staff of 26, a budget of more than $1.5 million, 6,000 plus members, and a reputation as a leading bicycle advocacy organization. As a national leader, Randy plays a critical role in shaping national advocacy strategy, messaging, and tactics. Randy’s contributions to Chicagoland and the national movement for biking and walking are an inspiration for any advocate who knows him.

“These organizations and advocates are role models for the movement and we are proud to honor them with these awards,” says Jeffrey Miller, President of the Alliance. “Their tireless commitment and dedication to biking and walking are truly an inspiration for us all.”

The Alliance for Biking and Walking is the coalition of grassroots advocacy organizations working together to promote bicycling and walking in North American communities. To learn more about the Alliance’s Advocacy Awards and 2009 award winners visit http://www.PeoplePoweredMovement.org.

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