The etiquette of bike parking

James of Bicycle Design sent me a link to this story about the etiquette of bike parking.

With more and more cyclists taking to the roads and designated bike racks in short supply, where they park has tremendous capacity to annoy.

So how can those on two wheels avoid winding up officialdom, pedestrians and even fellow cyclists when they lock up their trusty steeds?

This reminds me of a discussion we had in the San Francisco Bay Area. Several people talk about this blog post, in which TerraPass Vice President Erin Craig complains about how ugly bikes are when they’re parked in the office.

The bikes are, shall we say, prominent aspects of the room’s decor. Everywhere you look you see a bike hung with locks, train tags, helmets and sometimes clothing. It’s not unusual to have a half a dozen bikes strewn around the big room. Ick again. To me, it makes the place look like a either a parking lot or a dump.

What do you all think? Is it appropriate to bring bikes into the office? Or should we try to stash them somewhere out of sight?

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