Broken Bones and other stuff Clogging our Blogging

It’s been a hectic few weeks here at the Bike Trailer Shop thus the lack of new posts. But what’s kept us away has all been good fodder for Bike Trailer Blogging, so look out for forthcoming content.

On Sept 10th, I took off for an 8 day bike touring holiday riding from Ilklely in Northern England to Glasgow. Upon arriving back, I met up with the rest of our staff for a 3 day scouring of the halls of Interbike, looking for exciting new bike trailer, bag and related bike cargo products.

Finally, arriving back at base after Interbike, a strange spat of injuries came down upon us. On our first day back, Megan was out doing errands and got doored. Knocked off her bike about 15ft, the only real injury she sustained was a broken finger. However, it would seem that she took the entire impact in her finger, as it was a compound break that required surgery and has immobilized her right hand for around 6 weeks. 2 days later, Jeff was on his 12 mile commute home when, as he was dodging traffic cones, his left pannier clipped one and lodged it under his cranks, sending him down hard. Jeff is now recovering from the surgery plating his shattered collar bone back together.

Megan and Jeff will be reporting in on their injuries once they are back up to typing speed. Additionally, we will have a Interbike bike trailer extravaganza and I will be reviewing the Carry Freedom City as well as thought on Tandem bike touring with a trailer from my recent travels.

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