Dallas readers, prepare to go multi-modal

DallasNews.com reports: Dallas transit agency to add bike racks to buses.

I get down to Dallas a few times a year and have yet to see anyone biking to work. I know you’re out there and perhaps DART’s putting bike racks on their busses will help get more people out.

“By New Year’s Eve, 650 Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses are expected to offer bicycle commuters greater convenience.”

The article includes a brief portrait of a multi-modal commuter who currently brings his bike onto the bus. It would seem that the racks will go a long way to make everyone happier.

The article also includes the customary swipe at people who wear cycling kit:

“We’re not marketing it to the so-called spandex crowd, [but] people like me who ride a bicycle on Saturdays,” he said. All commuters, however, will be welcome to use the new racks.”

Sheesh. Stop with the hatin’ cotton-poly wearer.

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