Prosecutor bikes to work

When you’re a bicyclist testifying in a road rage case, it’s good to have an attorney who knows the law.

The Car Whisperer in Chicago had a run in with a antisocial motorist last August. The motorist went nuts right in front of a police station. The driver was cited for violating the three foot law in Chicago.

Yesterday was the court hearing. The defendant ranted about how “crazy” cyclists need to stay out of the way of motorists during rush hour when, to the cyclist’s great dismay, the judge agreed with the defendant and lectured the bicyclist on where he should have been.

It turns out, however, that the prosecuting attorney is himself a bicyclist who bikes to work and is very well aware of traffic law and the rights of cyclists. I’ll let you read the whole cool story for yourself but it has a happy ending.

Via Frank in Illinois.

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