Bike trailer trash

Bike Trailer Bloggers, Josh Lipton and Jeff HankensThis Earth Day weekend, Bike Trailer Shop staffers Josh and Jeff, got out to help clean up Flag’s south side. Not wanting to get too dirty, we naturally volunteered to haul around the bagged trash and deliver refreshments, while the thirty-or-so other volunteers donned hip waders and dredged the infamous Rio de Flag. When they filled up a bag, we picked it up and rolled back to the collection site.

It sounded simple enough, until people started picking up things like abandoned shopping carts, worm-eaten mattresses, office chairs, shovels, and approximately 6,765,986 40oz bottles of Old English. It turned out to be a good thing we brought out the big guns: an Xtracycle, Carry Freedom Y-Frame, and a Bikes at Work Model 96 (as detailed here).

Dropping a loadIt’s fun watching people’s reaction when they see a bike trailer in action for the first time, but it’s even more fun when you have a shopping cart lashed to the back and mounds of trash bags onboard. All in all, the pickup was a success, netting hundreds of pounds of trash, all hauled by bicycle. What could be sweeter?

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Hopefully by riding your bike, with or without a trailer.

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