Earth Day 2008

Tomorrow is Earth Day! If you are a sometimes commuter, why not make tomorrow one of the days you ride your bike to work?

Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22 since 1970, sparked by US Senator Gaylord Nelson’s desire to push the environment on to the national agenda. It was intended as a grassroots push to bring various environmental issues to the forefront, and to help a variety of environmental groups join in a unified front for change.

If your not sure how to celebrate Earth Day, check out this wikiHow article. How will you celebrate Earth Day? Do you think the day marginalizes the environmental movement, like these guys do? They argue that celebrating Earth Day by getting “together at protests, concerts, neighborhood clean-ups and tree-plantings” has almost no impact on the larger, systematic problems that plague our Earth.

“The strategy of recycling as a gateway drug — get them hooked on it and we can move them on to harder stuff — has failed miserably.”

I like to think that every little bit helps but we need to do more than just a little bit.

For more information on Earth Day, check out these sites:

Earthday Network – a listing of various Earth Day events – US Government Earth Day site

Earth Day Canada – Canadian site

Wikipedia Earth Day entry

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