Commute by Water Bike

Bob Barrett commutes across Puget Sound on his water bike.

This is Bob Barrett. He works for Pierce Transit and he commutes two miles on the water across Puget Sound using his water bike. His ride takes 25 to 30 minutes. This Seattle Times story featuring water bike commuters also talks about Nat Hong, who rides a bike one half mile to the water, hops on his water bike for a 15 minute ride across the water, and then hops on another bike for the final stretch to his work. His 12-mile multimode cycling commute compares favorably to the 40 mile trip he’d make if he drove around the edge of the Sound.

Here’s another similar story about Nat Hong and his water bike commute. Bob talks about his commute in this video. It looks like the waterbike even has a cup holder so Noah can carry his coffee.

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