Coffee By Bike

Coffee By Bike

I enjoy a nice, French Pressed coffee. For the un-initiated, a French Press (pictured left above) is a container in which coffee grounds and near-boiling water are stirred together and allowed to steep for a few minutes. When the brewing process is complete, the plunger is pressed down. This strains all of the coffee grounds out of the coffee and stops the brewing process.

The French Press in the above photo is one that’s near and dear to me as it just so happens to fit snugly into a standard bicycle bottle cage. It can also be filled with plain old hot coffee, but the press mechanism might trap a little bit of your coffee in the bottom of the mug. This particular one is vacuum insulated and keeps my coffee nice and hot even when I’m riding in the most frigid conditions that Kansas City can throw at me. I picked mine up here.

Another great site I ran across is Steven M. Scharf’s Bicycle Coffee Systems website. It has a bunch of coffee/bicycle related information, including a links to special bottle cages and bicycle cup-holders for odd-sized travel mugs and regular travel mugs that happen to fit nicely in standard bottle cages.

Are there any other caffeine fiends out there? How do you carry your hot beverages in the winter?

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