Obey or Not?

StreetsBlog recently asked “Are there in fact, good reasons to ignore traffic regulations when you can, because after all, they are really meant just for cars?”

I guess I’m just the kind of person who obeys the rules the best he can. The article, and many of the comments that follow it, seem to say that it is dangerous to follow the rules. I disagree. Sure there are times that I end up having to run a light because it won’t change for me – and there have been a few times I’ve rolled through a stop sign – but I can’t think of a time that treating my bike like a vehicle has ever put me in danger.

“Given that most traffic controls were put into place solely for the benefit of drivers, why should the rest of us have to obey them? They’re not helping us. In fact, they’re impeding us.”

I dunno, so you don’t get a ticket? What do you think?

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