Introduction (with video!)


Welcome to my first post on Commute by Bike. I am excited to be among the new recruits to the site, along with Jeff, Chris, and Noah.

I have been a bike commuter ever since my first job as a bike mechanic required me to ride over an hour to get to the shop. I quickly learned the benefits of the multi-modal commute on rainy, snowy and hungover days. I spent my first 25 years in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, within sight of the great Rocky Mountains. As such, I’ve had many opportunities to immerse myself into many disciplines of cycling. I have raced XC, DH, and Dual Slalom, appeared in bike videos with the crew for dirt jumping and free riding, and more recently, I started riding a road bike. I have wrenched for over 10 years, at times full-time, but mostly part-time while getting my education as a mechanical engineer.

I am currently living in Guelph, Ontario and have a 10 km (~6 mi.) commute to work. I try to commute at least 3 days per week and I hope to share my experiences and what I learn with fine readers of Commute By Bike.

Now for the video:
[youtube GrlEQ15mVPM]

I was completely shocked to see this on primetime TV up here in Canada. Kudos to WWF-Canada for putting such a pro bike commuting message out there, especially in primetime! What do you guys think, should the guy be wearing a helmet? Should he have a rack and panniers? I personally think that showing him in work clothes with out a lot of gear allows the average coach potatoe to say “Hey, I could do that!”

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