Bicycle commute news

Snow and ice has gripped part of the U.S. Midwest, but there’s still plenty of bicycle commute action happening. Seen in the news recently:

  • Cycling is becoming more accepted among the middle class in India, where workers in the high tech industry are now seen bicycling across the traffic clogged streets of Bangalore. Since the bicycle is traditionally seen as a poor man’s transportation, I’m glad to see this development.
  • Doug in Duluth is ecstatic about his bike commute in deep snow.
  • Gwadzilla points his camera to winter commuters in the US Capital.
  • Jill in Alaska (who regularly commutes by bike) was mentioned on National Public Radio. Woo hoo Jill!
  • CICLE: Snow is no hazard for those who Bike Winter.
  • Many metropolitan newspapers have a column dedicated to traffic issues. The San Jose Mercury News, for example, has Mr. Roadshow and the Washington Post has Dr. Gridlock. I’ve just run across The Bike Clinic in the London Times. Are there are newspapers with a regular bicycling feature?
  • Bicycles for wounded veterans from Wounded Warriors, a charity that purchases wheelchairs and bicycles to help wounded vets stay active.
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