Bike Trailers at Interbike

Other than Xtracycle, there were several other developments of note in the arena of bicycle cargo trailers.

Kona UTE Utility BikeKona was displaying their utility bike the Ute. The UTE like the Surly Big Dummy is a complete long haul cargo bike. Unlike the Big Dummy it does not utilize the Xtracycle rack system and instead has a built in bike rack system.

Topeak Bike TrailerTopeak had an interesting answer to the BOB Trailer in a single wheeled trailer that worked with their new Jango line of bikes. The trailer appears to only work with the Jango bikes, though I feel they are seriously limiting their potential sales for it if that is all it does. The one feature that really stood out for me was its kickstand. BOB Trailers really needs to come out with a similar style of kickstand for their trailers.Topeak Bike Trailer Kickstand

BOB Trailer for KidsSpeaking of BOB, after having spent most of their energy capitalizing on their stroller designs in recent years, it appears that they are getting ready to re immerse in bicycling with the introduction of a bike child trailer. This photo is a somewhat unrefined prototype. They hope to have the final version available sometime next year. Hopefully this will get BOB’s attention back into transportation bicycling and some upgrades and improvements for the BOB Yak and BOB Ibex will follow.

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