Advocacy updates and news

It’s a busy week all around, so here are some quick links out to bike commute news.

  • You’ve got to see these Share the Road TV ads from the San Luis Obispo (California) Bike Coalition. They’re showing on local TV stations in the California central coast region.
  • Rocky Mountain News: Thrills amid chills is an article about cyclecross, but it includes tips on riding in the winter months in Colorado. Among the good ideas: wear bright clothing, watch for black ice, use wider tires.
  • Book review for Bike for Life: How To Ride to 100.

    Authors Roy Wallack and Bill Katovsky lay out a premise that says cycling — with its combination of fun, ease, travel, social interaction, joint-gentleness and physical challenge — is the ideal sport for longevity.

  • We sometimes wonder if our heavy breathing during the bicycle commute increases our exposure to cancer causing air pollutants. It turns out sitting in a car during the commute isn’t so hot for your health, either.

    A new study by researchers at the University of Southern California and the California Air Resources Board found that up to half of Los Angeles residents’ total exposure to harmful air pollutants occurs while people are traveling in their vehicles.

    See also Bicyclists & pedestrians inhale less pollutants.

  • Bikescape asks Parking or Transit in interviews on the big picture and the high cost of cheap parking.
  • Bicycle Design blog has been posting about Scandinavian bikes, many of which are very suitable for short bike commutes.
  • The Sietch deconstucts the myths of bike commuting. You know: it’s too far, too dangerous, too hard.
  • Alan in Christchurch, New Zealand wrote about appropriate bicycles for slow utility cycling. Alan is a big fan of Japanese utility bikes. So am I.
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