Wandertec SAX – BOB Cargo Liner

This week at Wandertec:1. Designed & listed a new adapter that makes Ortlieb rear panniers fit much better when used together with a BOB Trailer.2. Listed the Wandertec SAX on the BikeTrailerShop.com.3. Worked on sourcing Wandertec woven labels for branding the SAX.4. Ordered a sizable load of trailers including 10 Carry Freedom Large Y-Frames to stay stocked up for a good while.5. Discussed a bike cargo trailer design project with a student from the Art Institute of Colorado.The new Wandertec products are starting to come to fruition. With the SAX now available I’m ready to start taking some nice photos and getting these products visible on the Wandertec website.Once I get the new products visible on the Wandertec website, I will conduct a (soft) sales launch of the Wandertec mLite by introducing it to online bicycle trailer retailers, Greenspeed retailers and other shops. I’ve currently got approximately 100 Wandertec mLites and my goal is to determine the level of interest from these dealers before putting in a large order of 500-1000 mLites.The next step following the larger order of 500-1000 mLites will be the marketing launch which will include press releases and contacts as well as blog/messageboard postings and new Google Ads.I was brainstorming ideas for new Bicycle Cargo Trailers with a student from the Art Institute of Colorado. The student is taking part in a group project in which they are designing a trailer as part of a final project for there industrial design degree.My suggestion was to focus on a bike cargo trailer designed for bike commuting. My feeling is that the market is well served in the area of utility style trailer such as the Carry Freedom Y-Frame and the Burley Flatbed as well as for performance touring trailer such as BOB Trailers, the Burley Nomad and Extrawheel. However, there seems to be a void in the area of bike trailers designed for bike commuting. The Carry Freedom City offers a very interesting solution for many bike commuters. By having the trailer fold up very compactly, this is a great way to stow the trailer while at work. However, there could be interest in a trailer that locked up to the bike and was also lockable. The now defunct BOB Coz had some of these features. It may be a good starting point for such a design.I’ve posted a survey given to me by the student from the Art Institute of CO. They are looking for some good feedback on uses of bike cargo trailers if you care to participate.

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