Commute by bike, win a valuable prize

Carbon Conscious Consumer

The Carbon Conscious Consumer (C3) climate campaign is challenging individuals during the month of August to commute by bike or otherwise avoid driving one day per week. Those who are most effective at getting others to take the pledge can win valuable prizes, including a one week bike tour in Oregon, a free Breezer bike (the perfect commute vehicle) and more. The winner of the Mid-Month Lightning Round that begins next week receives a $500 gift certificate to Powell’s Books.

I figure this pledge should be easy for the members of this blog. Just click on the banner and fill in your name and email address. You’re helping me out, of course — I hope to win the bike — but if you get more pledges than me then that’s wonderful, too 😉

Carbon Conscious Consumer (C3) is a national climate campaign sponsored by the Center for a New American Dream that challenges individuals to establish climate-friendly daily habits and inspire their friends to do the same. Participants who most creatively and effectively spread the word will win prizes.

Click on the banner or here to make the pledge.

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