Monsoonal Rains

This week at Wandertec:

1.Pressed forward on the BOB Liner (Wandertec SAX) design.
2.Set up a new CELL Phone & Land Line for clearer phone time.
3.Cut a large batch of sign blanks for Signarama on the ShopBot.

The long awaited monsoonal rains came yesterday into Flagstaff. With our on going drought like condition, this change in the weather is very much appreciated. I took a beautiful evening mountain bike ride. The trail was perfect for riding. I was cleaning all the sections that the powdery dust had previously rendered unrideable.

Transitioning back into prototype development has required me to slow down and refocus my brain parts. The day-to-day hustle pace of shipping and receiving does not translate well into design work. It requires a different cadence. I have to relax and allow myself to go back and forth between flurries of inspiration and spiraling meditations. When I find the right balance between time spent on visualizing an idea and physically putting it together, I can move forward at the best pace. To much visualizations leads to getting no where, and not enough leads to loads of frustrating attempts.

Progress has been made and a functioning prototype of the SAX now exists, the next step is to clean up the design and get it fitting nice and snug in the BOB Trailer. At this pace, I expect to have it available in the next few weeks.

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