Another New Mapping Toy From Google

Disclaimer: Although I am employed by Google, I have nothing to do with the Google Maps team. I don’t get any benefit from mentioning them – only the rationalization that I can, perhaps, play around with the maps at work a bit.

Google Map

With that said, there is a cool new feature on Google Maps this morning that is WAY more helpful for us than the last one I mentioned. My Maps allows you to create, annotate and share maps. You can draw on them, add photos or videos, etc. I’m thinking this will be a fun tool to use to create maps for group rides, bike blogs, etc. Try working up a bike commute related map and share it with us. Here is a link to one I just threw together in a couple minutes. Click on the location button to check the photo.

As we’ve noted in the past HERE and HERE, there are other tools available as well. We would encourage you to try them and share some cool bike routes with others in your area.

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