Melanie Riding Big

This Week:
1. Worked on making the mLite available into the US in the next few months.
2. Capped off another record breaking month in Bike Trailer sales.
3. Tested out an Extrawheel bike trailer while watching my little sister take some names.

Last weekend I was down in Phoenix to watch the opening round of the National Mountain Bike Championships. My sister, Melanie Meyers was riding for her newly formed team Kenda-Titus-XFusion in the Pro Field. This is a picture of her riding strong on the wheel of former world champion Alison Sydor. She had her best result yet in the Pro Field, breaking into the top 15 with a 13th place finish. She’s had a great start to her season after recently earning the U-23 Bronze in the Pan American Champions in Argentina.

While at the race I took the Extrawheel Trailer demo out for a ride. While it is not as easy to pack and unpack as most trailers, it is a great handling trailer for mountain biking. The large diameter of the wheel with the weight slung low on either side of it keep the trailer from bouncing.

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