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There are two ways to generalize how bike cargo trailers are used:

  1. Ride to work, pick up groceries and pick up anything else you can think off and haul it around town.
  2. Go on an epic bike tour.

While all bike touring voyages are not equal they all seem epic as they are being prepared for and undertaken.

Here are some inspiring cycling videos of tours that can truly be called epic.

Riding the Spline
[youtube: 425 350]

This great footage set to some music by Tool gives a snapshot view along the Arizona trail as these three riders voyage through the Americas. Learn all about their adventure at

Spinning Southward Trailer
[youtube: 425 350]

Two brothers set out on an epic adventure through the Americas to celebrate their mothers life. This is a preview of a documentary film about the trip with proceeds going the the National Brain Tumor Foundation.

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