This Week:
1. Ordered socks for the
2. Updated listings for Burley Trailers with photos of their new hitch design.
3. Discovered a bike case/bike trailer for coupler & folding bikes, the Turtle Tow by Bilenky Bikes.
4. Discovered a light that mounts on flags for Bike Trailers, recumbents and any other devise with a safety flag.

I realized that in order to encourage customers to write product reviews, a small gift was needed. So, I’ve ordered up 20 dozen pairs of socks bearing the name and logo.

I was looking at the S&S Coupler site and discovered a very intriguing trailer. The Turtle Tow trailer is designed similarly to the BOB Yak Trailer. Rather than having an open cargo area, it utilizes a bike case designed to pack S&S coupler bikes in while traveling. The trailer structure is built around the case. When not being used as a trailer for gear, a coupler or folding bike can be packed inside of the case. The trailer can also be disassembled and packed into the case.

The system is very comparable to the CELLO bike case in that it works in both bike case and bike trailer mode. The main difference of course is that it will only work with coupler and folding bikes. The cases are available in 10″ 12″ and 14″ wide versions. The 10″ version is within airline restrictions of 62″ width x length x height. The larger versions usually get on board without additional charges.

I also found a brilliant little light manufactured in Germany by Weber makers of the Monoporter trailer. This light is designed to fit onto a flag pole and is a perfect safety add on for both bike cargo and bike kid trailers as well as recumbents and other bikes with flags. A few samples are on the way to test out.

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