Shop Drawings

This Week:
1.Had a look at the drawings for the new workshop.
2.Started writing about 30 posts for the Bike Trailer Blog simultaneously.
3.Spent way to much time messing around in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

My buddy Pete showed up with the layout for the new workshop. It’s looking nice. Now its time to haggle over the price a bit and submit the plans to the city.

I decided that Blogging about Bike Trailers is kind of like writing multiple chapters of a book. There is no need for a chronological publishing of the various posts. I decided to start writing all of my posts simultaneously. As I do research for one post, I find plenty of info for the other posts. I find myself wanting to jump around from post to post and publish each one whenever it happens to be completed.

I spent my time chasing my tail through the depths of the Internet this week trying to figure out how to climb up the search rankings in Google and Yahoo. Whenever I delve into the techno-geek realm, I sense that I am getting in way over my head. I’m usually tempted in by some blog that someone writes about how simple it is to improve your Google rankings with a few simple updates. But those updates always seem to take me down a long winding corridor of tough fixes and a multiplying array of options.

I’m not sure how much it helps to do things like improving the layout of my URL for Google’s searching, creating a site map of all my products and submitting my sites and site maps to the search engines. But at the very least wrangling my way through these tasks does help improve my understanding of the techno world.

After spending three days on Search Engine Optimization, I decided to get back into improving the products that I make and the photos and listings of the products I sell. Though I’ll get into the techno realm from time to time, my overall philosophy is to focus on the quality of my website over the quantity that the techno geeks achieve in getting their websites to appear all over the Internet. By working on the quality side of things, I’m focusing on a building a site that may not be the easiest to find but has the best information for those who do.

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