Bykaboose Trailer Review

Bykaboose TrailerBykaboose bike cargo trailers has been around for about 10 years now manufacturing the Gecko and the nearly identical, and slightly smaller Newt Cargo Trailers.

The Bykaboose Gecko and Bykaboose Newt are two afford ably priced trailers that offer solid performance. There most unique feature is there pop up design that allow them to easily collapse down for storage or travel.

The Bykaboose frame is constructed from lightweight aluminum tubing. About 15-20 minutes of assembly is required when setting up the Bykaboose.

The sides of the trailer are from 420 denier nylon that stretches tightly around the aluminum frame to create the container. The floor is a solid piece of ABS. The cover is a removable nylon piece that stretches around the edge of the trailer. This helps to improve on the aerodynamics of the trailer. A pocket in the trailer fits the cover nicely when it is not in use.

The nylon is water resistant though not waterproof. A good nylon waterproofing coating would help on this end or simply dropping in a Rubbermaid type container down into it will do the trick as well.

The Bykaboose utilizes two 16″ composite wheels. The wheels insert onto the axle and are tensioned in place by a spring. A tab on the end of each axle flips over to hold the wheel in place. The wheels are easy to remove thought the plastic end spacer and springs must also be stored so as not to loose them.

The Bykaboose attaches to a bike’s rear quick release with a stainless steel hitch mount. The bike trailer hitch is a flex coupler type utilizing a stout piece of rubber that flexes as the trailer turns. Though I’m much more accustomed to mechanical trailer hinges, the flexing hinge seemed to work nicely. It seems that it may wear down after very extended use but I’m sure could be replaced by Bykaboose if need be.

There are quite a few pictures around the web of dogs being pulled along in the Bykaboose. If your dog was trained to stay put, this could be a good way to take them on a ride with you. Also harnessing them in with a short collar would make this a good way to transport the more skittish dog companion. For a true dog trailer, Burley has just introduced the Burley Tail Wagon for 2007.

The Bykaboose’s attributes seem well suited as a town trailer. It’s cavernous bucket layout is well suited for groceries, errands and pets. It is easy to fold away into the closet or under the bed when not in use. Two wheels are good for around town use so you can easily load and unload it. You can also push it around like a wheel barrow when it is off the bike.

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