Ultimate Support Pro Compact Repair Stand Review

: Ultimate Support Pro Compact Repair Stand

$139 and Up.

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My background: I am 5″7″ 190 lbs. I am a bad mamma jamma that rides a fixed gear bike during the day and when I get aggro, I’ll hop on my mountain bike and hit some single track.

Testing Grounds: My Garage, and CommuteByBike Picnic.

Here are the specs:
Award-winning Pro-Stand clamp with quarter-turn action, quickly clamps without crimping or marring seat posts and tubes. Fits in tight places and on different tube diameters..
Folds compactly for travel or storage. Folded size is small enought to fit in travel cases and the smallest trunks. Easy set-up/tear down with no tools required.
Quickly folds into a compact, lightweight unit.
Ratcheting,quick-releases quickly set-up and tear- down. Sets up from 38″ to 58″.
Tripod configuration holds up to 60 lbs. on uneven surfaces (i.e. dirt, grass, slopes etc.). Large rubber footcaps enhance grip on all surfaces and won’t fall off.

Here’s the deal:
This is the perfect for the home mechanic that loves to work on their bikes. It is also perfect for taking it along on races, bicycle events or any other occassion where you would need to work on a bike.

The repair stand can handle any type of bike out there. From vintage bikes to tandem bikes.

Yes, you can even use it to service a fork.

I used the Ultimate Support Stand to assemble the Xtracycle onto the Ibex Alpine.

See all that…its all soft and rubbery to protect your bike’s paint job.

Would I recommend it? Yes. I love working on my bikes. If you want to save money on bicycle repairs. Get one of these stands and learn how to fix them. Ulitimately you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars.

It’s even portable. Just slip in into the nifty carrying case.

The case even has pockets for your tools.

See how compact the stand is…

As much as I love this rack, Ultimate Support some how thought otherwise. They discontinued this stand.
But they do have other stands available on their site.

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