Got Spiz?

Spiz just sent us some Spiz.

I’ve been using it to help me drop some weight. I drink it for breakfast and after my workouts. What’s great about it is the drink not only tastes pretty good, but its complete in nutrition. So that means all my needs are met which also means that I am not having cravings at all. Cool eh!

Here are the specs:

SPIZ is a scientifically blended formulation of carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that is mixed with water. It is a complete liquid food source developed to fuel the human engine during times of illness, stress, exercise and/or increased caloric need; a nutritional food and meal replacement drink that is being used by endurance athletes (cyclists, runners, triathletes, etc.), cancer and AIDS patients as well as geriatric folks trying to maintain or increase lean body mass. The superiority of SPIZ comes from both the correct ratio of ingredients as well as the sources of these ingredients. The following is an explanation of what’s in SPIZ, why and how to use it.

It has some pretty serious stuff in it to help your body during and post work outs.
Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Concentrate
Chelated Minerals
100% US Daily Values for vitamins per serving (except for vitamin D
Short, and long-chain glucose polymers, along with smaller amounts of sugars
Covalent Bonded L-Glutamine
High sodium/potassium concentration

Here’s the nutritional information:
Nutrition Information per Serving Amount % Total Calories

Serving Size (4 rounded scoops) 135 grams

Servings per container 10

Calories 517

Protein 20 grams
16 %

Carbohydrates 94 grams
77 %

Fat 5 grams
7 %

Trans-fat 0 grams

For more information about SPIZ, check out their SITE.

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