Paratrooper Saddle Bag

I was needing a saddle bag of the Paratrooper. I knew that they range anywhere from $20 – $30. I thought to myself, why not save a couple of bucks and make one. Today was a slow day at work. This gave me the perfect opportunity to make a one.

All materials I used were scrap materials from a previous project.

Scrap material

I saved the cut off material from making knickers.

cut out taped

I started out by tracing the pattern of an old saddle bag I had. Once I had the pieces cut out I sewed the camouflage pattern right on it. Using scotch tape is an easy way of tacking your material down. Doing this saves me some time because things wouldn’t move around while I sew.

pieces sewn together

Puzzling the pieces together was the hardest part of the deal. I had to make sure everything lined up right or it would come out crooked.

finished side finished

Here is the finished product. It took me longer than I thought it would. About 2 hours. But at least I could say that I made it. Besides a bike called a Paratrooper had to have a camouflaged saddle bag.

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