Allen Bike Rack 550RR Review


Disclaimer: As a product reviewer for Commute By Bike, I am providing my unbiased opinion of any products provided to us by any company. I do not posses any type of relationship with the product’s company or parent companies. Companies that send in their goods to be reviewed do not compensate me any way.

My background: I am 5″9″ 185 lbs. I am a bicycle commuter that travels 8 miles round trip and I am also a typical weekend warrior mountain biker.

Testing Grounds: Backwoods of New Cumberland, Stony Creek Trail, and the streets of Harrisburg PA.


Product Tested: Allen Bike Rack 550RR

Cost: $239.99

Advertised as: Patented tie-down system individually secures and protects bicycles. 28″ long carry arms easily accommodate up to 5 bikes. Minor assembly required. Sets up and installs in less than 5 minutes. Included strap eliminates lower bicycle movement. For 2″ Hitches Only.


The 550RR’s patented tie-down system worked great. It did not matter what type of bike frame you slapped on the rack, once you cinch down the straps, it wasn’t moving.

gary fisher Paratrooper

The Allen Bike Rack 550RR was built to last. I was concerned about weight limits. So I tested it’s strength with my own weight. It’s well built frame easily held me up. Seems like no harm can come to it’s 2″ square tubing. Most of all, the bike rack could fold down even with the bikes attached if you need to get into your trunk.


Allen Bike Rack 550RR is built to last
Holds up to 5 bikes
Folds down even with the bikes on if you need to get into your trunk
Bikes does not move around while you’re driving
Light weight

Weaknesses: During our testing period, I did not experience any issues or weaknesses with the Allen Bike Rack 550RR.

If you are in the market for a great bike rack that would protect your prized possessions, affordable, and built to last; the Allen Bike Rack 550RR is the rack for you.

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