Bicycles Make Better Dads, They really do!

A while ago I wrote an article called “Bicycles Make Better Dads.” We had a pretty good response from our readers. In fact another site linked to the article and discussed it on their blog.

I recently received a comment from “Trey” stating that he agreed with me and he shared his story on how he is having great experiences with his dad and bicycles.

Well I’m not a father but I agree”. Dads that take their kids biking are awesome fathers. Mine started taking me mountain biking after I got out of rehab. I gained a lot of weight and I was really depressed and I all ever did when I got out was watch tv and play videogames everyday.

Being a bike enthusiast when he was younger he just surprised me one day and bought 2 hardtails and started taking me biking daily.. First we were only riding flats and when I got better and stronger we started going uphills and downhills. Biking with my dad not only brought us closer together it also saved me from demons of my past.

So to all the other dads and moms out there who go through all the time and trouble to take their kids biking.. My respect and kudos goes to all of you.

Thanks for sharing Trey.

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