Need A Custom Wheel Built?

We worked out a pretty good deal with the folks of RPM Cyclery. If any CBB readers need a wheel built, the labor rate is only $20!

Just make sure you mention, “RL of is super cool!”

Most local bike shops charge anywhere from $40-$55 per wheel.

Yes I know…I’m the man for setting up our readers with such a good deal. But its out of love, that I do things like this for the CBB community.

I’m sure you have a few questions about RPM Cyclery:

“What if I am in another state?”
-You can call RPM Cyclery and they can take care of all your needs
Phone: 951-674-2453. T-F 10-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 1-5

“What if I am in another time zone?”
-You can simply email Scott Finch:
-Remember they are open 24 hours. Just place an order online!

“Why is the labor so cheap compared to other LBS’s?”
-It’s easy, I (RL) took care of it. Don’t worry about the price. We worked it out for y’all.

“Can RPM Cyclery ship anywhere in the US?”
-Yup. They use UPS Ground for all their shipping needs. However, Alaska and Hawaii does cost a little more.

Remember, you HAVE to say “RL of is super cool!” in order to get the $20 labor rate.

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