If you ride in Fullerton Ca. Read This

I received an email from one of Fullerton’s most dedicated bicycle advocates, Vince Buck.

We had a great meeting at the Bicycle User’s Subcommittee on Wednesday: SRO (but it was not a large room).There was serious discussion about the bicycle routes around the university and about a possible bridge over the 57 freeway at Madison. Staff announced that Valencia was going to be striped for a class II route from Richman to Brookhurst (with traffic lanes being removed).

The Redevelopment Director said that they could fund an adequate Bicycle Transportation Element which will cost about $75,000.

This item is on the city council agenda for this Tuesday’s afternoon session . The session begins at 4.This is the last item. I have no idea at what time the Council will get to it, but I would be surprised if it is before 5.

I think that the council will be reluctant to spend $75,000 for a bicycle plan. We need people to be there to speak in favor of this item. This is important. If you can possibly got to the Council Chambers in city hall (303 West Commonwealth) this Tuesday PM, please do so. And bring all your friends.

If you cannot be there you can write the council: council@ci.fullerton.ca.us

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