Xootr Swift Bottom Bracket Seizure

A while ago I started to notice that the bottom bracket was loose. So I decided to try and loosen it first then tighten it.

However, I noticed that the bottom bracket shell had red Loctite coming out of it. I even took the bike to RPM Cyclery to see if they could do anything about it.

Scott and I tried to break loose the bottom bracket but only to bust one of his BB tools. Scott recommended we torch the bottom bracket shell to melt away the Loctite.

I emailed Xootr to find out if this method would be ok on the frame. Once we got the “OK” from them, Scott and I went to work.

The first step to this project is to remove the crank arms

Then we start torching the bottom bracket.

After heating it up for about 15 minutes, the cup slowly came out. You can see the Loctite through out the threads.

The drive train side was next.

After letting the frame cool off, we cleaned out the Loctite with some solvent and applied assembly grease on the new bottom bracket and reinstalled the crank set.

Here’s the Xootr after it was fixed, ready to be ridden.

After we fixed it, I dropped off the the Xootr at FedEx to ship to NYC to get a make over from Nick James. I’m kinda curious to see what kind of Urbanization the Xootr will go through.

I’d like to say thanks to Scott Finch of RPM Cyclery for providing the guidance and help in fixing this issue.

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