How to Make Your Own Bull Horn Handle Bars

I was able to acquire this old 80’s-90’s handle bar yesterday from the old parts bin of RPM Cyclery for free!

So on Saturday I took the bars to Jax Bicycle Center of Fullerton and had one of the mechanics cut it down for me into Bull Horn handle bars.

Here’s how it’s done. The fella in the photos is Scott Moore, he’s the mechanic that did most of the work.

The first thing Scott did was spray some cutting fluid and placed the bars in a guide on the vice. Keep in mind I had already measured where I wanted the bars to be cut prior to this photo.

…and cut!

Here’s a shot after a meeting with the hacksaw.

Then Mike D (another mechanic) took the cut off piece and placed it on the other side to mark where the next cut would be made.

Repeat the same steps above on the other side.

After cutting the bars, Scott ran them through the grinder to smooth out the ends.

He also used a deburring tool to clean up the inside edges.

Here’s a shot of the new Bull Horn bars on the Redline 925. Schweeeet!

Scott also installed these gel padding things to go underneath the bar tape.

He also installed these Bontrager vibration dampening doo dads.

Here’s how the bars are looking so far.

Then I decided that the makeover needed something extra…or something less. So Scott removed the fenders and the chain guard, making the 925 look even cooler.

It sure looks different from what it used to look like.

Thanks again to Scott Moore of Jax Bicycles for all his help.

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