Terry Scooter Capri Review

This tailored bike capri with side hem notches, 20″ inseam and great stitching detail looks best on the widest variety of body types. Bulk free construction, beautiful stretch woven exterior and lightest weight internal liner with unobtrusive chamois. Traditional waist, with flat front, zip fly and dual off-seam pockets; slightly elasticized rear; tapered leg; one cargo pocket. Fabric: stretch nylon woven outer; cotton-Lycr. ® liner

Product Tested: Terry Bicycles Scooter Capri

Price: $75.00


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My background:
I am 5″5″. I am a bicycle commuter that travels 4 miles round trip, a mountain biker and a mom of 3.

Testing Grounds: Fullerton Loop, Streets of Brea and Fullerton California

*Stylish. Flat front is flattering.
*Big pockets to hold all the necessities. The side pockets are zippered and there is one deep Velcro pocket on the leg.
*Length of the pants. Great for cold mornings but light enough for the warm afternoons.
*Padded bike short sewn into pant.

The only thing I can think of is the price. As a mom of three I am always on a budget.

Would I recommend it?
Definitely! I have been testing these out for the past 3 months now. What’s important to me: durability and comfort. You get both with these capris. I love capris so I was excited to test these out on the trails and streets. When I first saw these I was concerned that they wouldn’t clear the bike chain but they are the perfect length! No problems catching on the bike at all.

You’ll be pleased with the feel of these. The stretch nylon made for a very soft capri. These capris are sooo comfortable that I wanted to wear them even outside of my bike rides (but it feels weird to go grocery shopping with that extra padding on your butt). The padded bike short inside the pant is very comfortable though. No problems with moisture on the rides. I didn’t experience any soreness or chaffing on any of my rides either.

For those of us that aren’t so petite these are a great alternative to the typical bike short. And for you skinny minnies they are just really cute! I think you’ll be very pleased with this investment. They are on the pricey side but like I said these are going to last for years. This is a very high quality capri. These capris are awesome! Terry has great gifts for all occasions (hint hint husbands).Check out there website for an incredible variety of fun girl gear at TERRY BICYCLES

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