Coward… Part 2

So there I was, driving my VW Beetle on the bicycle lane going the opposite way. I figure, since cyclists can ride on the sidewalk and use the crosswalks going the opposite way, why couldn’t I drive the bike lane? Is not like cyclists use it anyways, I just had to be careful with runners thinking that they can run on the bicycle lanes instead of the sidewalk….
All of the sudden, a cyclist riding the bike lane appears, he starts yelling obscenities, something like ‘You are going the opposite way, and you are driving on the bike lane!!’ He gets off his bike, I get off my bug, we exchange reminders of our mothers and we go on our way.

Now that I had time to think, I couldn’t remember the type of bike he was riding so let’s examine the possibilities:


If he was riding a Fezzari: He must work for Fezzari… who else would ride a Fezzari. He was probably just some marketing guy…. I should have rushed him…

If he was riding an IRO: Dude must be some type of bike outlaw to ride a fixie!!! He’s probably from New York!!! He’ll beat my ass down with his 20 lb lock, I better run!!!

Weight Wennie
If he was riding a Giant TCR: Dude must be a weight weenie, he’s wearing spandex for crying out loud, he’s probaby a bike geek. I should have pounded him with his bike…

Ibex Corrida
If he was riding an Ibex Corrida: He was probably a mountain biker riding a bike that was ‘too much’ for him. After all, who else would hit a car while riding a road bike?
Ouch I should have invited him for a cold beer, after all, he’s my good friend.

So what is the moral of the story? Riding a bike is more fun than going to the gas station and fill up a Hummer!

Disclaimer: The aforementioned is a parody of a previous post. I do not endorse nor encourage driving on the bike lanes.

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