Drivers and What They Drive

Our friend Gordon posted a responce to my Coward posting. He goes into detail what type of drivers drive what kind of cars. I thought it was funny enough to share it with everyone.

RL, you left a very important detail out of your story” That was, what kind of car was he driving” It’s important to know what you’re dealing with, so I made this list:

1) Minivan – Do all you want. The poor bastard driving a mini-van has little to no self esteem left and most likely will not engage you in a fight (for fear of ripping his Dockers).

2) Hummer- This guy has something to prove and is chomping at the bit for a scene like this.. best to let him win and just ride away-

3) Subaru- driver has to be a hippie or a lesbian- honestly, that’s really true” If it’s a hippie, go for it, their lack of meat in their diet can only mean good things for you, should it escalate into a full blown fight, they will be too weak to put in a good effort..If the driver is a lesbian, best let her on her way, no one wants to show up to work all bloody, and have to explain, honestly, what happened..

4) Ford, Dodge or Chevy Full Size Truck (or anything with a NASCAR sticker on it)- Be very careful, they have a perhance for guns and small run-ins with the law. You don’t want to be guessing on this”. Best to let them drive off.

5) Miata- (see #1)

6) Anything with an AARP sticker on it.. Take your chances on grandpa and challenge him to a duel!

(ok, i was just having fun, hopefully you laughed and didn’t get offended.. and if you drive a Hummer, um, RL put me up to this)

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