So there I was, about 100 yards away from my office. I’ve been on the road for 17 miles and about an hour and twenty minutes, feelin’ tired, but good.

Just imagine there’s a cross walk where the bicycle is…

I hit the crosswalk button, I start riding accross and cars are making right turns in front of me, so I slow down. Then this moron starts honking at me!

I yell at him, “What are you doing! The cross walk is for me, not for you to drive through it!”

Then he gives me a few F-bombs, and a few middle fingers. And I respond by saying, “COME BACK HERE! LET’S SEE HOW TOUGH YOU REALLY ARE!”

The car pulls into the Shell station where I was at. He backs up and then parks his car, unbuckles his seat belt making it look like he was going to get out. So instead of riding off, I confronted the guy (probably not the smartest thing to do.)

I RUN to the guy and his car. I guess that Fight of Flight thing chose me to do the fight thing.

As I get to his car, he’s throwing down some big voiced F-bombs. I responded by yelling back and saying “Why the hell are you honking at me! I have the right of way, the cross walk was on for me to go accross, that doesn’t mean you can drive through it!”

He kept saying that I was travelling the wrong side of the street and that being a bicyclist I should know this. Keep in mind every other word out of his mouth is the F Word.

So by this time we go back and forth yelling and then I said the dumbest thing…

“Why you hiding in your car, come out here! Let’s see how tough you really are! C’mon…You think you’re all tough yelling at a bicyclist while your in your car! You’re nothing but a COWARD to sit there and argue with me and not back it up! You know I was right and you’re just an idiot!!!”

Again, F-bombs from the guy.

This whole time he won’t look at me in the eye. I’m about a good two feet away from his face, clearly in his personal space.

So then he revs his car, drives off with tires squeeling and F-bombs with the middle finger flying…

I get to my office fully razzled. I was ready to throw down! But I knew that probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Who knows the dude might have had a gun or what if he did get out of his car…

So what’s the moral of the story? Just ride away. I’m not the toughest looking or the buffest guy out there, so the best thing for me to do is just ride away, its not worth it.

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