Genuine Innovations Second Wind MTB Review

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My background: I am 5″9″ 185 lbs. I am a bicycle commuter that travels 8 miles round trip and I am also a typical weekend warrior mountain biker.

Testing Grounds: Backwoods of New Cumberland, Stony Creek Trail, and the streets of Harrisburg PA.

Tested: Genuine Innovations Second Wind MTB

: $30.49

Advertised as: New for 2005, Genuine Innovations is offering a new hybrid inflator, the Second Wind MTB. Hybrid inflation taken to a new level – new integrated CO2 hand pump technology allows you to inflate using either the CO2 or the hand pump feature simultaneously without removing the CO2 cartridge. Designed for performance minded mountain bike riders as well as ATV/quad and motorcyclists alike! Comes with one 16g CO2 non-threaded Genuine Innovations CO2 refill cartridge.
This pump can supply a maximum of 60 PSI (4.13 Bars).

Best hybrid for low volume and high pressure pumping
Intelligent head design to work with Presta and Schrader valves
New sleek, aluminum body design
Ultra precise control of inflation – light action CO2 release allows for ultra precise inflation control
Cartridge Compatibility:
12 gram Threaded, 16 gram Non Threaded, 16 gram Threaded and 25 gram Threaded Genuine Innovations Co2 refill cartridges.

Size / Weight:
55.14mm x 31.39mm x 165.1mm
2.15″ x 1.23 x 6.50″
3.82 oz; 108.29 grams

Aluminum, and high strength, glass-reinforced nylon, with brass valve internals.

First Impressions and Comments: I was so surprised to see how small the pump was. At first, I was skeptical on how well it would work. I didn’t think that such a small pump could reach the 60 PSI as advertised. But once I tried it, I was a true believer. With the use of a 16 gram Co2 cartridge, a completely flat tire was inflated within seconds. I was so surprised on how well it worked. From that day on, everywhere I rode, the Genuine Innovations Second Wind MTB was strapped to my bike. I plan on buying a second pump to put on my wife’s bike. I definitely recommend anyone to switch their bike pump for the Second Wind MTB.

GI pump


Genuine Innovations Second Wind MTB works great
You could inflate by using either the hand pump or the Co2 feature
Light weight

Weaknesses: During the testing period, the only issue I found with the Second Wind MTB was acquiring new Co2 cartridges. Neither of the local bike shops or sports stores carried the required cartridge size. The only place I found them was in a motocross dealer. Ordering online would have been easier, but I wanted to see where else I could find them.

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