Back on The Trainer

I decided to get some mileage while watching TV. So I set up the Ibex Corrida and the Kurt Kinetic Trainer in my living room.
I actually needed to train for the City Of Angels Ride coming up on the 30th. But do you see my left knee in the picture below. It was acting up. That’s my trick knee, my old war wound was hurting again. I injured my knee from the Battle of The Bulge a few weeks ago…at my gym. I was running on the treadmill and something happend and then my knee started to hurt. Let’s just say the treadmill and I are not the best of friends anymore.
Basically about 20 minutes into my indoor extraveganza, my knee was starting to ache…again. Man this sucks! I need to take it slow on my legs. Any suggestions on how to nurse it back to health?
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