Think before buying a bicycle

I found a great article about buying a bicycle…


You wouldn’t go anywhere else but a reputable dealer to buy a new car. So, why treat the purchase of a bicycle any differently?

When buying a bike, the selection of where you are going to buy is as important as what you are going to buy. Just like a new car, a bike will need regular maintenance and seasonal tune-ups to keep it in tip-top operating shape.

You can choose a department store, where you will likely get the bike in a cardboard box for assembly at home. It’s true that staff from big box stores won’t be trained exclusively in bicycles, so they may not understand how a bike has to be tailor-fit to a customer’s body size and shape.

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Or Check out an article I wrote for Blue Collar MTB about a year ago, “How to by a bike the Blue Collar Way”.

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